"Orlando Magic"
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The new, revamped, passionately rewritten tribute to a band like no other.

There are now three main sections:

Soul Encounters of the First Kind
lyrics, discography, reviews & interviews and other archives of Orlando legacy

Orlando Nation
what is it and who belongs? Also all of the Company Communications mailouts in full.

For The Love Of…
a more personal section, this will contain a fan list, profiles of the band, our pictures & writings about them, and some links.

(from the desk of your intrepid narrator)

ORLANDO ACTION! The Water Rats shows were an absolutely fantastic experience, a glitterstar-showered, word-forgetting, guitar-smashing, tambourine-killing, heart-melting, soul-saving, life-enhancing exemplification of REAL ORLANDO SOUL POP MAGIC... you can see the
pictures here!

BUSY BUSY BUSY… the album "Passive Soul" was released on Monday 29th September and is a work of staggering brilliance and emotional effect which you should all own; although my spies tell me loads of people can't get hold of one (sound familiar?). We can only suggest that you try ordering it or getting some kind soul to buy and mail you one. See the tracklisting with the band's comments in the last mailout (and yes, that *is* my transcript of it on Dickon's site, heh).

MAGIC ATTACK: this site may soon be revamped yet again and stuck on my own web domain instead of Tripod's, so stand ready to change your bookmarks (she said, vainly…)

GORGEOUS LOVE: it is with mournful eyes that we hear of Dickon's imminent departure from the band, but the flag continues to fly for both Orlando (new material already in the pipeline, ye doubters!) and Fosca (Dickon's new venture). It's understandable that people find it hard to believe things will go on, but it's not really fair to anyone concerned if we all go and adopt the 'Dickon IS Orlando, the world will end' view. Have hope, have faith, feel free to mail me to talk, or pour out your grief on the official message board.

NEGLECT HOMEWORK? ME? …loads more new bits coming soon, including a profile of the band members, some fans' creativity, all the Orlando Nation mailouts (ouch…typer's cramp…many words), a more ordered discography/lyrics/reviews/history section (provisionally entitled "Soul Encounters Of The First Kind"), and er…..a new picture of me in the 'online' section (just so you know who the crazy stalker wannabe-androgyne is). Enjoy!