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Here are some 'zines featuring our fave soulsters:
T.N.T. is in truth a veritable Manicsfest (supposed Orlandozine in fact, but we've seen the hearts with "Nickeeeeeee!" on every page. We KNOW your obsession) and also contains thoughts on Hair Dye (coo-el), Alcopops (I'm a vodka gal meself) and, erm, Super Noodles (eurgh).
Can be obtained from:
15 Parr Fold Avenue
M28 7HD

*fantastique* is my 'Lando fixated collection of rants, poems, reviews and bad drawings. Warning: anyone whose love for Dickon and Tim (but especially the former) is anything less than complete may become exasperated with my passion. Siiiiiiigh. Info on Issue Two is hereabouts.
Firecracker is another one, although I haven't seen this one myself, I think it was mentioned in a Company Communication, and Dickon also mentioned it whilst discussing fanzines.
For your very own slice of 'Crackerness, send 1.50 to:

5 Fern Court

A friend-of-a-friend's fanzine contains a review of Orlando/Kenickie with some pretty favourable comments about the lovely soul-pop-indie ones. And us: "A few faithful, flamboyant Orlando fans have glided down to the front..." Sorry but I don't have the zine info, I'll get it as soon as possible. Promise!!!