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Orlando Nation on the warpath!!!
Fight the good fight, wage the unwinnable Radio One and beseech them to reconsider not playlisting Nature's Hated. Good contacts to try are:
tel: 0500 110 100
Or try their website,

However, if it's information you want, don't try the first address, as you will get this reply:
I am sorry that you are so disappointed at "Nature's Hated" not being
playlisted on Radio 1. Of the 250 or so singles released each week, only
about 55 are playlisted on Radio 1. Sixty percent of the network*s output
is playlist material, mainly aired during the daytime. Records that are not
playlisted are in no way "banned" and may still be played occasionally.

Each record is chosen on musical merit and they are judged individually, not
according to who the artists are. The decision had nothing to do with the
band, or as has been suggested, artists' ages. David Bowie, Sting and Tina
Turner have all been playlisted recently. However, as part of Radio 1*s
obligation to provide a distinctive service, the network does support new
artists and new music, and it is a contemporary music station.

I do hope this is helpful.

However, we're not saying don't email them; registering your protest is enough.