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Orlando nation
Company Communication 4

Welcome to another Company Communication. After the disappointment of the cancelled tour, we are the bearer of good news. Orlando's debut album is now completed and went down a storm at their private playback recently. We expect the album to be scheduled for late summer but as this is only a pencilled date we will try to keep you up-to-date with any developments. The 'Fever Pitch EP' was released on April 21st and features Orlando's track 'How Can We Hang On To A Dream' as well as the La's, The Pretenders and Boo Hewerdine. Orlando's own long awaited single was released on April 28th and features the track 'Nature's Hated' as it's a-side. This track originally appeared as a demo version on a Melody Maker tape last February (This version is available only on the CD format of 'Nature's Hated'). The other tracks are 'Someday Soon' and 'You've Got The Answer Wrong'. It is available on 7" and CD. The cat no's are: NEG101 for the 7" and NEG101CD for the CD. All the above are distributed via Warner Music (just in case the person in Our Price doesn't have them in stock or know where to get them).

Orlando have two dedicated Web sites for those of you with Internet access. The first is the official one compiled by Dickon himself. This proves to be the most comprehensive location for all your Orlando information with articles, news, sound files, images, a history of the band and Dickon's virtual dog 'Tennessee'. Dickon's own political motivations has lead to a pre-election link to the Labour Party's site from the main page of the official Orlando site. The other site is Kate Dornan's site which among other qualities has the Orlando mailing list with which you can chat to other Orlando fans. The Official site is located at , whilst Kate Dornan's site can be found at .

T-shirts are now available via Orlando Nation. Currently we have one classic design available (Black shirt with 'Nature's Hated' logo and Latin text on front). The shirts cost 8 each and take up to 28 days to reach you. There is no postage cost from within the UK, but orders from Europe must include an extra 2 to cover postage. The rest of the world incurs an additional 3.50 for postage. No liability will be taken by us for T-shirts lost in the post, if you wish it to be sent out recorded or registered then you have to cover the additional costs. All payments must be made payable to 'Orlando Nation' and be in UK Sterling. We accept Cheques, Postal Orders, International Money Orders and Bankers Cheques. Also available are the Orlando black button badges (you should have got one free from us the first time you received something), these cost 20p each and you must include a stamped envelope for us to send them to you (no envelope required if you are also ordering a shirt). If you are going to post cash to us please sellotape it securely to the envelope or use a padded envelope. Never send lots of coins or more than 1 by post as it is unlikely to reach us.

Orlando are again hitting the road by appearing at the Peterborough Truckfest (don't laugh). It runs over the May Day Holiday (Sunday and Monday). It costs around 8 to get in and Orlando are appearing at around 12:30pm on each day. They are followed by the 'Wannabe Spice Girls' (hmm, tasteful). Tim wanted to let you know that they will be miming and unless you would happen to be there it's a long way to go for a mime performance, even if it is the wonderful Orlando.

Anyway, until the next Company Communication we leave you with wise words on the flip side from Tim and wish you farewell in the mean time. We would also like to remind you that any letters sent to the band via Orlando Nation will be forwarded to them (though it takes about a week or two depending on Royal Mail).

[Tim's writing]

"I had this thing once a year when I called everybody and said I'm quittin'. The last time everybody said: "we thought you already had"." -Scott Walker, 1970.

You may have trouble finding the records we release. They may not come out when we say they will. We apologise though it's not our fault. Fact one: the record industry is a huge slow dilapidated machine that cares nothing for art, talent, beauty or love. This is not news. Fact two: apathy is at an all time high (low?). Despite the importance of our single Natures Hated and the now completed L.P. you are the only people who care, and there just aren't enough of you to convince the record company that Orlando is worth shouting about. Because shouting costs them money. This is not to say that they haven't been generous. They have. And we are not bitter (like the Murphys*). But they can't see you dressed up to the nines (tens- some of you) letter writing, gig going, thrilling, vibrant, a living, multiplying, mass. The start of a revolution. The record industry doesn't want revolution. It wants the same old same old guitars and la la las. So bear with us. It's gonna take a lot longer than you thought. The fight's a lot harder than we'd imagined. Orlando are still at the bottom of the pile. Still getting trodden on. Still the best pop group of now. We know it's frustrating waiting. It will be worth it. The alternative is worth nothing. I don't need to list the band names. You wouldn't be here if you didn't hate them too.

Love, care + despair,

Tim xxx

"It's not that I can't find worth in anything it's just I that can't find worth in enough."
You Know Who, 1992.

* poor quality joke inc 1997