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Orlando Nation
Company Communication 2

Thank you for finding the time to come and see Orlando on the recent and successful tour with Kenickie. One of the highlights of the tour was on Friday 25th October when the band discovered that they had been featured in 'The Guardian' on that morning and name-checked in the same breath as Oasis in that evening's showing of 'Coronation Street' (in Mavis' cabin, apparently.). Thank you also for buying the debut single. As you all must by now know, the demand for Orlando's first single outstripped Warner's expectations. They were overwhelmed by the response from record shops who had not been able to get a copy. We must thank you all for your phone calls, letters and faxes as they have helped make sure that the next single can get to the shops quicker and at a more realistic price. Do not hesitate to contact us about anything as all your support really counts.

The new, and brilliant, single will be released on 11th November. The 'Magic E.P.' will contain four songs on all formats: 'Don't Kill My Rage', 'Fatal' featuring Michealia Rowe, 'Contained' and 'Up Against It'. The E.P. will be available on three fomats, 7" (NEG98), Cassette (NEG98C) and Compact Disc (NEG98CD). The 7" should be in shops at the special price of 99p. Anyone having difficulties obtaining a copy can contact UFO Music on 0171 636 1281. They offer a mail service and can get a copy to you swiftly and it's a lot safer than trying to order a copy via Our Price.

The video that accompanies 'Don't Kill My Rage' was filmed by Eric Watson in Christ's Hospital, Sussex. A beautifully traditional private school with working quadrangle. Predictably he made the band (including Neil, Mike and David) look like heart-achingly flawless gods, and references to such films of calibre as 'If', 'Another Country' and 'Dead Poets Society' are all in there too.

Smash Hits, Select and the music and pop press in general are finally taking notice of Orlando. Keep your eyes peeled for Select's dietary article and Smash Hits growing affection towards the band, no doubt Orlando will soon find their way onto a Smash Hits sticker selection or front cover.

Just a reminder to those of you who have access (either through college or home) to the internet, you can get in contact with Dickon Edwards via his e-mail address: Leave messages of any variety and description and he'll pick them up at his convenience and maybe e-mail you back. If you are doing a fanzine and require an interview you could consider using this to send him the questions and receive the replies.

While we are on the subject of fanzines, Orlando did a lot of interviews on the last tour and failed to keep a record of the fanzines prices, addresses, etc. So as they would like to be able to tell you all how to get hold of them, Tim has asked us to put out a request for info on any fanzines featuring Orlando. Just tell us the contact address, fanzine name and relevant issue number and the price including postage. We would be even more grateful if you could let us know how they are featured, i.e. is it an interview or just gossip. In return in the next Company Communication we will print a list advertising all the fanzines that we know about that feature them.

If you would like to get in touch with other Orlando nation people for any reason (pen-pals or to meet) then we are considering offering an intro service. It's a very simple scheme and free. Just send us details of yourself, your address, who you are and the type of person that you wish to write to. In the next mail-out all the information will be compiled into a pen-pal list and sent to all those people who sent in their own info. Basically you will be provided with an additional company communication, from then on it is up to you to write to anyone that you fancy and reply to anyone that puts pen to paper for you.

Tim and Dickon have both found the time to write their own something to you, these can be found over. The final thing to do is to wish you well until we hear from you or our next mail-out reaches you.

[Tim's Writing]

Hey now,
By the time you read this we will have finished touring, Gillian Shepherd will have well and truly buried the Tory Party and the Spice Girls LP will be in every one of your homes. Hooray.
Did any of you read Madonna's diaries in Vanity Fair? I wanted to be like that, so I wrote a tour diary but it's a bit too long and unedited for me to write here - maybe another time. What I can say is every gig just blew our white socks off. We still can't believe the reactions. How many autographs did we sign? You're all insane, but we love you anyway.
The experience of being woken up by Kenickie is one I will never forget. Their boundless enthusiasm and endless stream of stupid jokes kept us sane when normally we'd be moping about the tour bus watching our favourite videos for the fiftieth time. We love Kenickie.
Our LP is going brilliantly and hopefully you'll get to hear it in February. Ray Hedges is a genius producer and we get all the gossip on Boyzone and get to hang out with Ant & Dec. Our horoscopes would probably say:
"Geordie popstars play an important part in your life at the moment."
Only we don't believe in them (horoscopes, that is, not Geordie popstars).
Oh dear, I'm babbling. We have to leave for Manchester now and finish watching 'Dunstan Checks In' - possibly the worst film in the world.
Okay people, say you'll always be there.
Zig a zig ah…

Tim xxx

[Dickon's Writing]

Hello you.
It's been a terrific time over the last few months. Our first TV appearance, Smash Hits, filming outrageously arch videos, courting even more Serious Journalists' adoration and playing some rather exhilarating concerts around the country. But these all pale into insignificance next to The Letters. I'm constantly amazed and delighted that we seem to be hitting the spot with you. It's all very well saying we write songs that people will take personal solace from, but we never know for sure until you tell us. We listen to no one else. And, yes, I know I'm useless at replying to everyone promptly: I feel I don't deserve the words - KNOW I don't deserve the words.
Being in Orlando is the best thing I have ever done with my life, and I only hope I can live up to your soaring expectations. Thanks also to those that bought the single, came to a concert or helped Orlando in any other way. We are unworthy…
By the way, I don't have a dog in case you're wondering. But one day I hope to own one… Any suggestions for a suitable breed?

Keep On,
Dickon xxx

P.S. Shena Mackay was robbed at the Booker Prize…