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Orlando Profiles
Who are the beautiful men behind the soul saving tunes? If you have to ask, you'll…er…find out shortly, actually…

Name: Timothy Mark Chipping

AKA: Tim Orlando

Date of birth: August sometime

Star sign: ?

Hairstyle: Black (it's dyed! it's dyed!) with occasional red streaks and strandy fringe

Role in Orlando: Singing, writing and arranging, looks, vocal melodies, (erstwhile Shelley producer)

Other bands: PREVIOUS - Waccamole, Timbertoes, Shelley

Quotes: "My dad's favourite although he thinks it's immoral. His dirty mind. It's about stuffed toys." (on Don't Sleep Alone)
"What is that strange cow noise?!'s a nice cow noise…" (onstage comment)

Known obsessions: Soul music. Obviously. Owning every Spice Girls item ever.

Other trivia: has a girlfriend but has been quoted as saying he's not supposed to "'cause I want it to be like a boy band"…used to have bleached hair believe it or not…likes Paul Zindel books…claims to be a virgin, in Minx magazine of all places…hates astrology…

Name: Richard Edwards

AKA: Dickon Orlando; Miserable/Misunderstood Spice; various unimaginative jibes by MM tossers, sorry readers, after that Manics article; Edwards (my favoured term of affection *smile*)

Date of birth: 3rd September 1972 (just turned 25, we assume. Happy birthday Dickon)

Star sign: Virgo

Hairstyle: Formerly bleached whiteblonde, now natural darkish brown; side parting, previously had tres admirable peroxide-blonde-y dark roots…

Role in Orlando: "virtual prop" guitar, looks, concept, aesthetics, breathtaking lyrics

Other bands: PREVIOUS- The Childrens Hour (?), Shelley. CURRENT- Fosca

Quote: "Loneliness is far sexier than sex." (says it all really, pretty true too)

Known obsessions: Dogs, poetry, Star Trek, the internet, solipsism

Other trivia: Plays the guitar the other way round due to being left handed…wears white socks and is able to provide a detailed explanation why… was decreed 'third best dressed man on site' at Reading '96 by Melody Maker, and has a totally fictional dog called Digby courtesy of same, whose purpose was apparently to get his email address into the gossip column…was an indie kid Heavenly freak…also supposedly celibate…able to produce 'lists of the top of my head' (heheheh, I love silly typos - when other people do them)... quite possibly one of the most intelligent people to drop out of the soul destroying education game in recent times... and the rest is history, mystery or things I shouldn't repeat :)