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Fame at last! Yep, Orlando 'Magic', this very altar of devotion, gets a mention in the latest "Company Communication" (Orlando mailout)...a warm welcome to any resulting newcomers!
Heaps of apologies are also due to Taylor Parkes for my failure to credit him in my
"The Trouble With You" transcript. Sorry 'bout that. The situation has been rectified.
Well, I hope you're all duly impressed with my attempts at some new classy graphics.
The single (the mournfully elegant "Nature's Hated") is now released on CD and 7" [I can possibly find someone a copy of the 7" if you really can't get it, but you're better ordering really], and although playlisted for several local radio stations sadly passed over by Radio One (join those of us venting their ire here). The album "Passive Soul" is unlikely to show its face until summer at least...touring also seems likely to be postponed several months, although the band "played" (read mimed) at the Peterborough Truckfest- see above (remember that question in aforementioned interview? "pick 5 words that don't describe you, I don't mean like....truck...."). We were there (all, erm, four of us obsessive stalkers). It was bizarre. And no, for those who are interested, Dickon is no longer blonde. Don't enquire further.
Until the day our fragile loves and hopes are avenged, what can we do but carry on and give all the support we can? They won't give up, and neither can we. If it takes the love of the entire Orlando must be...

HERE for a Dickon interview
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